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Chill Factorâ„¢ Jelly Maker

Make Jelly in minutes, not hours!

Chill Factor Jelly Maker's Rapid-Freeze-Technology means that you don't have to wait so long for Jelly to set anymore. Make your favourite Jelly mixture (following manufacturer's instructions. For best results use half the recommended water amount), allow it to cool slightly and pour it in... then watch the transformation in minutes from liquid to a delicious, ready to eat Jelly!


Take me home and put me straight in the freezer.


Dissolve your favourite jelly crystals then fill me up and get ready to be delighted.


Right in front of your eyes wobbly jelly starts to form in just a few minutes.


Just one more minute.... first FLIP me over and let your yummy jelly set in the included bowl.

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Looking for more information? Download Jelly Maker instruction manual

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Squeeze, Freeze, Enjoy!

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