Chill Factor™ FAQs

1. My Slushy Maker is not frozen enough or does not work.

For best results, ensure you read the instructions included with the product.

Thoroughly wash the Chill Factor™ Slushy Maker in warm soapy water and rinse prior to use.

Remove the lid from the Chill Factor™ cup, and place the cup, standing upright, into the freezer for 4 – 6 hours, or until the chambers within the cup are frozen.

The amount of time it will take for your Chill Factor™ cup to freeze is dependent on the temperature setting of your freezer compartment.

When you remove your frozen Chill Factor™ cup from the freezer, add a chilled drink of choice and then squeeze. In less than a minute your chilled drink will turn into an icy slushy.

2. There is only a small amount of slush produced.

The size of the Chill Factor™ Cup and volume output is designed so that it is suitable for use by children and is portion controlled.

3. The solution inside the chambers has leaked / my child has swallowed the solution / what's in the chambers?

The liquid within the food-grade, BPA-free chambers is a natural cooling solution, 100% safe. Made up of salt and distilled water, the solution is harmless if accidently swallowed.

If in the event the liquid is ingested, and any unusual symptoms arise, seek medical advice.

4. My slushy maker takes longer than a minute to make slushies.

Check to ensure the chambers within the slushy cup are frozen. Ensure the ingredients you use are chilled. Ingredients at room temperature or dairy products take longer to slush than chilled drinks or juices.

5. My Ice Cream Maker does not work / When I squeeze my Ice Cream Maker, the lid pops off.

Ensure the liquid inside the Chill Factor™ Ice Cream Maker is frozen before use. For best results, use chilled ingredients. Mix ingredients in the Chill Factor™ lid, and then pour them into the Ice Cream Maker. Remove the topper of the lid before squeezing. (Removing the topper allows for airflow, thus eliminating a vacuum seal which might result in the lid exploding off and ingredients splattered all over your nice, now-not-so-clean, kitchen!)

6. A basic ingredient in making ice cream using the Chill Factor™ Ice Cream Maker requires the use of 'thickened cream'. What is this? Are there alternatives?

'Thickened' cream, also referred to as Pouring Cream or Double Cream, has a milk fat content of 35% and is often used for desserts. Whipped, it is used in cake fillings, mousses, ice creams and cheesecakes.

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