Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Chill Factor Global Pty Ltd and its related entities are the owners of various trade marks, copyright, registered designs and patents in relation to the Chill FactorTM range of products, including:

  • The trade mark “CHILL FACTOR” in a range of countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania;
  • Pending and granted patents for the Chill FactorTM freezing technology, including: Australian patent nos. 2012220355 and 2013224631; Chinese patent nos. 201280001331.6 and 201380000838.4; New Zealand patent no. 625336; Germany utility model no. 20 2013 012 256.0; European patent no. EP2809175; Canadian patent nos. 2,798,878 and 2,856,313; South Korean patent no. 1015276970000; Taiwan patent no. I484132; Hong Kong patent no. HK1191514; Singapore patent no. 11201402642W, further applications derived from PCT/AU2012/000169 and PCT/AU2013/000163 and a range of other pending applications in other jurisdictions;
  • Granted patents for the Slushy MagicTM freezer cube technology, including Australian patent no. 2008341039; Canadian patent no. 2743162 and United States patent no. 8,151,577; and
  • Design registrations for the Chill FactorTM range of jelly makers, ice cream makers and ice twist slushy makers, including: Australian design registration nos. 353653, 353392, 353434, 366674, 366641, 367367; European design registration nos. 002482067-0001, 002484501-0001, 001391502-0001; United States design patent nos. D743,745, D724,389 and D749,352; Chinese design patent nos. ZL201430187614.6, ZL201430180021.7, ZL201330599054.0, ZL201620010417.0 and a range of other pending applications.

Chill Factor Global Pty Ltd and its licensees take the protection of their intellectual property seriously and regularly take action to protect and enforce these rights.

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