Minty Mojito Slushy

Minty Mojito Slushy
18 +


The mojito is a classic summer cocktail that is perfect for lazy summer days. Combining fresh mint, white rum, sugar and zesty lime, the combination of sweetness, citrus and mint is a winning formula and translates perfectly into a slushy version of the legendary drink! Swap rum for lemonade to create a yummy mocktail version.


  • Juice of 1 Lime
  • Handful of Mint Leaves Plus Extra Mint Sprig to Garnish
  • 2 tsp Granulated Sugar
  • 60ml White Rum
  • 125ml Soda Water or as Needed


  • Step one
    Bruise the mint leaves by squeezing them in your hand and then add them to your Frozen ChillFactor Slushy Maker.
  • Step two
    Add the sugar and lime juice to the cup.
  • Step three
    Add the rum to the ChillFactor Cup then add the soda water to taste.
  • Step four
    Squeeze the cup for until the mixture starts to freeze
  • Step five
    Garnish with the mint sprig and enjoy!

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