Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt

Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt


Our easy to make strawberry frozen yogurt is intensely fruity and creamy, perfect for a simple summer sweet treat. Healthier than ice cream… but just as delicious!

A tasty and refreshingly low-calorie snack –this creamy frozen yoghurt recipe is a firm family favourite, great for keeping the kids happy too!


  • 140g Fresh Strawberries
  • Half a 405g Can of Light Condensed Milk
  • 500g Fat-free Greek Yoghurt


  • Step one
    Roughly chop half the strawberries, whizz the rest in a food processor or use a stick blender to create a puree.
  • Step two
    In a big bowl, stir the condensed milk into the pureed strawberries then gently stir in the yoghurt until mixed. Fold through the remaining chopped strawberries.
  • Step three
    Pour the strawberry mixture a little at a time into your frozen ChillFactor Slushy Maker and squeeze until the mixture starts to freeze.
  • Step four

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