Frosty Fruits Special


This is bursting with berry flavour and combines strawberries and raspberries with yoghurt and milk for a deliciously creamy taste. Or why not freeze up your mixture for a melt in the mouth lolly


  • 3 Ripe Strawberries diced into 1.2cm cubes
  • 5 Ripe Stoned Cherries cut in half
  • 5 Ripe Raspberries cut in half
  • A Ripe Banana diced into 1.2cm cubes
  • 60ml Raspberry Yoghurt
  • 120ml Milk
  • 1 tsp of Vanilla Essence
  • Dash of Honey (optional)


  • Step one
    Peel the banana and cherries (remove stones) then chop all fruit into small pieces
  • Step two
    if you want a smoothie and prefer a cooler smoothie, place the fruits in the fridge until chilled
  • Step three
    Place the chopped fruits into the mixing jug and add the yoghurt and other ingredients.
  • Step four
    Blend until you achieve the required consistency
  • Step five
    If you would like to make a smoothie blend until smooth, then pour in a glass and enjoy!
  • Step six
    If you would like to make ice lollies then blend into a rough consistency, then pour the mixture into the lolly moulds. Ask and adult to place the lolly mould in the freezer and leave until completely frozen

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