North Pole Chocolate Nibbler


This snowy looking vanilla and strawberry lolly has a delicious hidden surprise in the form of yummy chocolate pieces. Simply add crushed chocolate into the mould before pouring in the mixture for a deliciously indulgent finish!


  • 120ml Fresh Milk
  • 60ml Vanilla Yoghurt
  • 3 Ripe Strawberries diced into 1.2cm cubes
  • 30ml Fresh Cream (Optional)
  • 1 Flake


  • Step one
    Chop the Strawberries into small pieces
  • Step two
    If you are making a smoothie and prefer a cool smoothie place the fruit into the fridge until chilled
  • Step three
    Place the chopped strawberries into the mixing jug. Add the yoghurt milk and cream
  • Step four
    Blend until your mixture is at the required consistency
  • Step five
    If you would like a smoothie, blend until smooth then pour into a glass and sprinkle crushed flake on top
  • Step six
    If you would like to make ice lollies, blend to a rough consistency then place some of the crushed flake at the bottom of the moulds. Pour the mixture into the lolly moulds, over the crushed flake, and stir gently. Ask an adult to place the lolly mould in the freezer and leave until completely frozen

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